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09 - 11.10.2020, The Hague | Our Homes. The 2020 iAfrica Film Festival

Feeling at home in both worlds without denying oneself. The migrants odyssey is the guiding theme through this year's edition.

The festival opens with the feature film Yao. This heart-warming travel movie brings a Franco-Senegalese author back to Senegal, where he will promote his new book. The encounter with a spirited 13-year-old fan leads to a journey through Senegal and brings the author into contact with the country that is also his country of origin, but which he hardly knows yet. A recognition with home that raises the question: what is home exactly?

People with a migration background feel as if they live in two 'homes': the home in their new country of choice or country of birth, and the home they left behind or the home of where their roots lie. It is an ongoing quest to feel at home in both worlds without denying oneself. The African diaspora will definitely relate to the broad theme of our 5th edition - Our Homes. On the other hand, it offers others a way to understand the complexity of migration in general and what it entails to be a migrant, specifically.

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