Neo Matloga. 'Nka nako go motseba'. Collage, charcaol and ink on canvas.

The Amsterdam-based South African artist Neo Matloga is nominated for the 2019 de Volkskrant Visual Art Award. ‘For me ZAM magazine was the first magazine reflecting people of colour. (…) It connects me to my people.’


  1. Image from the series Train Church by Santu Mofokeng.

    Santu Mofokeng: storyteller

    Blog / By Laurens Nijzink

    “It took me less than half a minute to feel blown away by Mofokeng’s photo’s”, writes Laurens Nijzink.


  2. Spread from Côte d’Ivoire (1967) by French photographer Roger Espinat

    Q&A | Africa in the Photobook

    Blog / By Oliver Barstow

    For five years, Ben Krewinkel has been building an ever growing collection of 20th century African photobooks. The 500 to 550 titles in his possession reflect the changing visual representation of the continent. Krewinkel’s collection is visible online; he is also working on a book.


  3. Kirina and the Promise of a New Dawn

    The Faso Dance Théâtre will perform an excerpt of Kirina at the Nelson Mandela Lecture. Librettist Felwine Sarr explores a mythical West African story that inspired the choreography.


  1. Image: Entrance Bijlmer Park

    09.02.19 | Talking Mandela

    Events / By ZAM Reporter

    Southeast City District Chairperson Tanja Jadnanansing hosts a conversation with Sisonke Msimang.


  2. Obituary | For the Love of Wisdom

    Obituary | For the Love of Wisdom

    Blog / By Ayọ̀ Adénẹ́

    It was the good old days, and I was a small boy smothered by the smorgasbord of sensations symbolic of the age of wonder.


  3. Image: Chimurenga cover artwork by Neville Garrick

    What would a borderless world look like? It sounds like utopia but in his essay, South Africa-based Cameroonian thinker Achille Mbeme makes the realities of borders, restrictions and the right to move denied to most people in the world look far more surreal than the alternative. 


  4. The Nelson Mandela Lecture Programme Booklet

    Check out programme, participating artists, CV of the speaker, sponsors, the installations and the introduction by the ZAM chairperson Annelies Verdoolaege.


  5. Image: Ahmed Hussein Suale

    ‘We shall not be silenced’

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    We are shocked by the assassination of our Ghanaian colleague and investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein Suale.