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  1. 12.03.21 | Conversations with Ngugi wa Thiong'o

    In this online live event, Rose Wambui Kamande, Odilia Anyachi Okonga, Vamba Sherif and Rahab Njeri will discuss life and work, especially his latest work, The Perfect Nine with the Kenyan giant world literature.


  2. Interview | Sins of the Fathers

    Interview | Sins of the Fathers

    Blog / By Ruona Meyer (Twitter: @RGAMeyer)

    Professor Andrew MacLeod is using DNA technology to track down, and hopefully prosecute, foreign aid workers who have sexually abused women and girls in Central and West Africa.


  1. ZAM launches #GoFix-21 campaign

    We are standing in solidarity with African changemakers. Highlighting their stories and insights. Building a world beyond them and us. Join the movement!


  2. From left to right: Pires Kizomba, Silvia Bento, Telma André, Bilson Negrine, Adilson Maíza, Asle Cardoso and Elizandro Tungo (Elizandro Semba)

    The #Jerusalemadancechallenge will enter history as the global COVID-19 crisis’ unprecedented, contemporary African-inspired symbol of hope. Yet the Angolan origins of this viral trend, and the reason behind Jerusalema’s explosive popularity, are barely touched upon by the international media.


  3. Entry point into the Nok Village. Photo: Adie Vanessa Offiong

    Inside the illicit trade in West Africa’s oldest artworks

    Blog / By Lutz Mükke and Adie Vanessa Offiong / Africa Vagabonds

    Nok terracottas are proof that an ancient civilisation once existed in Nigeria. Now they are at the centre of a multi-million dollar, globe-spanning underground industry. Nigeria loses out.


  4. A robot introduces itself to patients in Kigali, Rwanda. The robots, used in Rwanda's treatment centers, can screen people for COVID-19 and deliver food and medication, among other tasks.

    Why are Africans not dying?

    Blog / By Rasna Warah

    If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that not even a pandemic can erase the inherent racism in the Western media and in humanitarian organisations.


  5. Jennifer Tosch, founder of Black Heritage Tours, conducting a tour in Dam Square, Amsterdam

    Observing the largest gathering of black people I had ever seen in Amsterdam, I realised that their pain was familiar, yet we knew so little of each other, separated not just by geography and language, but also by a suppression of our stories.


  6. Essay | Consume less, love more

    Essay | Consume less, love more

    Blog / By Sisonke Msimang

    Since the Covid 19 pandemic people have realised that 'while individualism had worked for them in times of stability, it would get them nowhere in times of stress. They needed one another.', writes Sisonke Msimang in an essay for the exhibition ‘A Fair Share of Utopia’.