1. Abdulrazaq Awofeso | ‘Because we are all different’

    The work of Nigerian artist Abdulrazaq Awofeso is the main attraction of the exhibition City Life in the Dutch city of Arnhem. Two thousand small faces to tell you that one shouldn’t generalise.


  2. The river of life within and around us

    The river of life within and around us

    Blog / By Marnix de Bruyne

    This month 35 years ago, a rain of bullets by a South African death squad ended the life and career of artist and activist Thami Mnyele. The Thami Mnyele Foundation, that welcomed 127 African artists in its studio in Amsterdam, kept his ideas alive.



  3. Sense making in the time of corona

    Sense making in the time of corona

    Blog / By Oyunga Pala and Bart Luirink

    Please join us in our search for new ideas, perspectives and analysis—the building blocks for a better world.


  4. Still from Stop Filming Us (2020)

    The documentary Stop Filming Us won the Dutch Movies Matter Award and received received favourable reviews [by the Dutch press]. Unbelievable, according to postcolonial media scholar Emiel Martens. ‘Postema throws the discussion about the Western view of Congo at least ten years back in time.’


  5. Remembering Binyavanga Wainaina

    Remembering Binyavanga Wainaina

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    The significance of Binyavanga Wainaina, the Kenyan writer who died a year ago on May 21, 2019, cannot be underestimated.


  6. Notes on Corona | Stardust

    Notes on Corona | Stardust

    Blog / By Hassan Ghedi Santur

    "I think my neighbors are dead. I peer into their windows but all I can see is darkness."


  1. South Africa | Tax and Corona

    South Africa | Tax and Corona

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    'The government must put itself into the shoes of its citizens and residents',  say ex SA Revenue Service employees.


  2. Statistics | Corona in Africa

    Statistics | Corona in Africa

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    Our friends of Nairobi based The Elephant bring the latest factual updates about the Coronavirus in African countries. 


  3. World Press Photo | The Activist Poet

    His name is Mohamed Yousif and he lives in Khartum, Sudan. Maral Noshad Sharifi traced the guy on the winning picture, made by Yasuyoshi Chiba, of this years World Press Photo Award.


  4. The Eyes of Melinda Gates

    The Eyes of Melinda Gates

    Blog / By Evelyn Groenink

    It’s going to be terrible, she says. People will be dying in the streets. Have you seen the images from Ecuador? Piles of bodies. It will be like that in Africa.


  5. Notes on Corona in Africa 2

    Notes on Corona in Africa 2

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    From 'let's gather and pray' in Tanzania to 'compassionate leadership' in South Africa. A continent fighting a virus in a context of extreme poverty, food shortage and homelessness. But then: why are the figures still relatively low?