1. The Great British Whitewash

    The Great British Whitewash

    Blog / By Pieter van der Houwen

    An official UK report on racism is ‘consistent with the radical historical amnesia and vicious revisionism of Caribbean and African history by the British far right’.


  2. 2 March 2020, Accra, Ghana: Pictured, from left, are LGBT+ Rights Ghana members, Mohammed Abdul-Wadud, Alex Kofi Donkor (front), David Larbi and Halil Mohammed. The group has recently been forced into hiding as a result of its activism. (Image by Carl Collison)

    Despite having to flee after the state raided their offices, members of LGBT+ Rights Ghana vow to continue to work for legal recognition in a country pushing for even more repressive laws.


  3. 24 February 2021: An aerial view shows temporary housing for displaced people in the Napala Agrarian Center in the Metuge district in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. (Photograph by Alfredo Zuniga/ AFP)

    Mozambique | A more complex reality in Cabo Delgado

    Blog / By Joseph Hanlon / New Frame

    In the Mozambican province wracked by a violent insurgency, the convenient labelling of those rising up against the predatory elite paints a picture that is far from reality.


  4. Dulcie September Inaugural Lecture | The Teacher Who Did Her Homework

    For more than three decades, ZAM's Investigations Editor Evelyn Groenink researched the murder of Paris ANC representative Dulcie September in 1988. The complex backgrounds of this gruesome act presented in Groenink's book Incorruptible were long ignored. Until now.


  1. WAUZINE. Meet Kenya's Creative DNA.

    Here's a digital publication hailing Kenya's  emerging designers, illustrators, writers, stylists and photographers coming together in times of COVID-19.


  2. 12.03.21 | Conversations with Ngugi wa Thiong'o

    In this online live event, Rose Wambui Kamande, Odilia Anyachi Okonga, Vamba Sherif and Rahab Njeri will discuss life and work, especially his latest work, The Perfect Nine with the Kenyan giant world literature.