Bart Luirink, Madeleine Maurick

Homosexuality in Africa. A disturbing love

What's the motivation behind those African leaders who are fighting to keep their continent 'morally pure'? Why are gays and lesbians coming out of the closet, why has equal rights activism become a reality and is a strong debate raging? This book by Bart Luirink and Madeleine Maurick gives an illuminating insight into a world in which old and new, tradition and modernity, are colliding so uncompromisingly that the sparks have started to fly. Born out of a range of interviews with African thinkers, activists, academics, politicians and religious leaders this book uncovers a conflict in which far more is at stake than just the rights of a minority.


Title: Homosexuality in Africa: A disturbing love (English) | Homoseksualiteit in Afrika. Een gevaarlijke liefde (Dutch)
Authors: Bart Luirink,  Madeleine Maurick
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 234
English edition: 978-9461539434
Dutch edition: 9789461538130
Publisher: Uitgeverij Aspekt
Price: €16.95 (including 6% VAT, but excluding shipping costs)

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