Ng’ambo Atlas presents the historic urban landscape of Zanzibar’s Town’s ‘other side’

An amazing collaboration between the Commission of Lands – Department of Urban and Rural Planning and African Architecture Matters produced an atlas documenting hundred years of Ng’ambo’s history and urban development through maps, plans, surveys and images. Ng’ambo Atlas thus provides insights into its present-day cultural landscape through subjects such as architecture, toponymy, cultural activities, public recreation, places for social interaction, handcrafts and urban heritage.

The Atlas will be presented on the 13th of July at 17:00 in the Hifadhi Zanzibar, Kiponda 742 in Stonetown, Zanzibar.

Save the date and join us during the event to learn more about Ng’ambo, its history and cultural heritage. The presentation will be followed by snacks and cold drinks and there will be time to explore the exhibition inspired by the material from the Ng’ambo Atlas.

You can order the atlas here.

ZAM Reporter