Aké Arts & Books Festival | Lagos, 24.10 – 27.10.19

Events / By Oliver

One hundred authors, poets, artists, storytellers, dancers, actors, musicians and thinkers from all over the African continent and beyond.

The theme for the 7th Edition of the Aké Arts and Book Festival is Black Bodies | Grey Matter.

Ideas and ideals abound on the shape and form of the African body, but these are rarely formulated by those to whom the bodies belong. At Ake Festival this year, we shall examine the physical, mental and emotional violence that has been and is being inflicted on black bodies, particularly those of women through conflict, colonialism, patriarchy, our cultural practices, and our attitudes.

The 2019 Aké Arts and Book Festival will explore the nexus between the mental and the physical, and explore specific phenomena such as scarification, body image, tattoos, stereotyping, gender nonconformity, colourism. Special attention will be given to issues around mental health on the African continent.

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