The Kleptocracy Project

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This year, in close collaboration with the African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC), ZAM published three reports on the devastating practices of kleptocratic regimes, their associates and its painful consequences for the majority of citizens. The reports contain nineteen cases in thirteen African countries, the collective endeavour of three African transnational teams of investigative reporters.

During this meet-up we will elaborate on the “making of” – how we did it, what were the challenges we met and what can we learn from this process for future research?

We will also present the shocking revelations and insights of the three reports. The specifics of what they uncovered and what can be learnt from their conclusions.

Lastly, we will pose the question, what can we do with these findings? What is the impact of this kind of research? And in broader terms, what is the state of African investigative journalism?

The audience is invited to actively participate in the discussion.

Evelyn Groenink, veteran (investigative) reporter based in South Africa, will be present. As the investigations editor she was deeply involved in the production of the three reports. Evelyn will comment on the entire process of producing the reports.

Joy Kirigia, a young up and coming investigative journalist from Kenya will join us through Skype. She will elaborate on the investigation itself.

Benon Oluka, Africa Editor with the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), will also join us through Skype to elaborate on the state of investigative journalism in Africa.

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Read the reports here:

The Plunder Route to Panama
The Last Resource. Risking Death to Feed Your Kids
The Associates. Handling Business for the Kleptocrats
Public Disservice. How Poor Countries Waste Billions