From 26.91.19 | Alex Mawimbi (Kenya) at Galerie Saana, Utrecht

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Image: Untitled ©Alex Mawimbi Image: Untitled ©Alex Mawimbi

Through her exploration of the hybrid nature of African identity, Mawimbi contests the notions of authenticity. 

Alex Mawimbi has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Transart Institute, New York. Her works consist of performance, drawing, painting, installation, and video. Through her diverse practice, Mawimbi investigates the hybrid nature of African identity, contesting notions of authenticity. She has worked with western museums to dispel notions of a Unitarian Africa, so often seen in ethnographic exhibitions. In addition to this she also focuses on gender and female sexuality. She is inspired by LGBTQ communities whose stories are rarely told.