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Shortlist 2021 Contemporary African Photography Prize Announced

Image | Kudita Tamary, The Gathering, 2020. CAP Prize 2021 Shortlist.

Here are the 25 photographers, selected by a panel of 21 international judges, making the shortlist of the 10th edition of CAP:  Aàdesokan | Yetunde | Ayeni-Babaeko  | Thami Benkirane | Marcus Trappaud Bjørn | Nabil Boutros | Katel Delia | Justin Dingwall | Andrew Esiebo | Jason Florio | Pippa Hetherington | Brian Hodges | Eldin Zainab Imad | Matt Kay | Adil Kourkouni | Tamary Kudita | DeLovie Kwagala | Dillon Marsh | Fabrice Monteiro | Claudia Ndebele | Emeke Obanor | Joseph Obanubi | Léonard Pongo | Mahefa Dimbiniaina Randrianarivelo | Paul Shiakallis | Mauro Vombe

Tamary Kudita (Zimbabwe, 1994) is one of the 25. This image, The Gathering, is from the series African Victoria (2020). Kudita: ‘My work speaks directly to the common reality amongst people of colour of an “obscured history” which often negates our individual stories. Thus, making a commentary on history and its selective unfolding. Through portraiture, I merge my contemporary aesthetic with a historical aesthetic as a way of showing how the old informs the new’.

The 5 winners will be announced at the Basel International Art Fair in September, 2021.

Check out the shortlist here.

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