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Win-a-book | Philosophers Beyond Borders

30 philosophers challenging the traditional western canon.

Inspired by UNESCO’s implementation of World Philosophy Day, illustrator Saskia Pfaetzer and writer Marian van Enckevort went on a journey of discovery. They were not hampered by any rules of categorisation. And here it is: an impressive showcase of thinkers from today and long ago, from the African continent and elsewhere. Anton Wilhelm Ano (Ghana), Pauline Jidenu Houtondji (Ivory Coast), Cornel West (USA), Paulo Freire (Brasil), Achille Mbembe (Cameroon), Sophie Bosede Oluwole and many are all there. Brief introductions, selected works, quotes and beautiful illustrations!

The book is published by the Africa Studies Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. Order here.

We are giving away a copy of this amazing book. Interested? Mail us before 20 December, 2020 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ‘Philosophers Beyond Borders’ in the subject line.