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03.10 - 11.10.20 | Sites of Memory. A Theatrical Journey into the Past

Sites of Memory, Jennifer Tosch. Photo by Rien de Jager.

In Future for the Past, Sites of Memory founders Jennifer Tosch and Katy Streek bring together artists from both countries. Join the musicians, poets, visual and performing artists chewing on a shared history of colonial oppression.

During this interactive walking tour, live performances will intersect with 360 degree video and audio segments to be followed on a tablet provided to the audiences. Future to the Past will take you along a range of historical sites in the city. You will experience how the colonial past is an active player in our present. It will invite you to re-imagine the future. 

Future for the Past takes the audience on a route from the Jewish Historical Museum, past the Hortus Botanical Gardens, to the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum). On the locations along the route the audience experiences the hidden stories about our shared past. Jennifer Tosch and Katy Streek collaborate with South African artists Jarrett Erasmus, Luke de Kock, Toni Giselle Stuart and Dutch artists Jörgen Gario, Jomecia Oosterwolde, Raul Balai, Alejita Silva, to develop a surprising and engaging performance experience which gives food for thought.

The performance is in English (with texts in Dutch, Afrikaans and Papiamentu). If you have difficulty walking, please contact us so we can look for a solution. Start location: Joods Historisch Museum, Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1 Amsterdam. Duration of the programme: 80 minutes.

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