ZAM Reporter

22.11.19 – 22.02.20, Amsterdam | The Walls of Jericho

South African artist Robin Rhode has created his signature in visual poems on the walls in the ancient city of Jericho.

Jericho is positioned twelve kilometres north of the Dead Sea, and ten kilometres west of the river Jordan; settlement in the town dates back to 10 000 BCE.  It is known as ‘The City of the Moon’, inspired by the possible roots of its name in the Canaanite word for moon, 'Yareah'. Today, Jericho finds itself in the midst of one of the most protracted geopolitical conflicts in the world.

Yet one need not know any of this to appreciate the images on the walls. The gravity of their subject matter stands in stark contrast to the lightness of their execution: an appropriate tribute to the city in these fraught times.

The exhibition is on view until 22 February, 2020, at the Stevenson Gallery in Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 371 B, open every Saturday from 12h00 until 18h00 or on appointment.