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#ImagineMandela-Live! Watch here: 06.02.22

With the 3d ZAM Nelson Mandela Lecture by Yvonne Owuor + Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema + Spoken Word Artist Babs Gons + Mohau Modisakeng’s ‘Ke Kgomo ya Moshate’ by Uriah Havertong, Raymi Sambo en Ayrton Kirchner + choir Phuphuma Love Minus, band/singer Midist/Wasim & danser Ahmad Joudeh + writer Adriaan van Dis + We Remember Ed van Thijn and Desmond Tutu.

On Sunday 6 February 2022 #ImagineMandela-Live! took place in the International Theater Amsterdam (ITA). The cultural programme included the 3d ZAM Nelson Mandela Lecture, delivered by Kenyan author and opinion maker Yvonne Owuor: The Future is a Story we Tell Ourselves. Notes for a Prelude.

Detailed programme information here.

Time table #ImagineMandela-Live!

02.01 | Midist/Wasim
11.25 | Mayor Femke Halsema
18.74 | We Remember Ed van Thijn & Desmond Tutu
22.15 | Babs Gons
25.20 | Ke Kgomo Ya Moshate
36.40 | Adriaan van Dis
48.30 | Yvonne Owuor
01.50.50 | Phuphuma Love Minus