Our man in Johannesburg

Blog / By Theophilus Abbah

Investigative reporter Theophilus Abbah, editor of the Nigerian Sunday Trust, is in Johannesburg at the African Investigative Journalism Conference. This is his blog.


Sold out

Blog / By ZAM Reporter

ZAM Special sold out at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. New package ready for delivery!


In the aftermath of a seminar about African investigative journalism held in Amsterdam, Tobore Ovuorie and Kassim Mohamed visited ZAM. Both are acclaimed for their daring work and we were in awe listening to Kassim about his undercover work amid armed gangs in Nairobi and his investigation into the smuggling of small arms in the East African region. The world was outraged and saddened by the terrorist attack on the Nairobi Westgate shopping mall last year, but how did the arms enter Kenya? Check Mohamed’s work on this here and here.


How do you want me to look?

Blog / By Bart Luirink

Production started! The feature 'How do you want me to look?', published in the ZAM Commemmorative Issue about Nelson Mandela, will be turned into a small exhibition. The exhibition will contain of portraits of Mandela by Dutch photographers Kadir van Lohuizen, Daniel Koning and Sander Veenemann. To be launched at Arti, the HQ of South African documentary filmmakers at IDFA.


On Saturday 1 November 2014 members of the ZAM promotional team will be present at the annual Afrika Dag (Africa Day) of the Evert Vermeer Stichting in Amsterdam.