Last year in the Netherlands, the ethnographic museums drew up guidelines for the restitution of artifacts stolen during colonialism. A special commission was formed to evaluate possible claims. Is this really such good news for the countries in which the art was made?



Blog / By ZAM Reporter

The Mnangagwa regime responds to protests with violence and the arrests of activists and journalists. A call for solidarity with those fighting for social justice has gained the support of many.


Talking #cancelculture

Blog / By Bart Luirink

Amid the furore about #cancelculture it may be appropriate to commemorate the outrage that targeted Achille Mbembe, Cameroonian historian and social scientist, and a profound thinker and visionary, earlier this year. 


Film | Lamentations of Judas

Blog / By ZAM Reporter

The 'Terrible Ones', those young Angolans who collaborated with Apartheid South Africa during its border wars, re-enact the Biblical story of Judas.


Sistaaz of the Castle

Blog / By Elodi Troskie

A fashion book by transgender sex workers from Cape Town. Life on the edge of the Castle of Good Hope.


Shortly before the inaugural ZAM Nelson Mandela Lecture started, an iconic picture of the South African freedom fighter and statesman found its way to the stage of the Amsterdam City Theatre. It was shot by George Hallett, who died in Cape Town on July 1st 2020.


Why these aid campaigns need to end

Blog / By Emiel Martens & Wouter Oomen

Hungry children and white saviours are still very much present in campaigns by Dutch aid organizations. But also, many of the new aid campaign genres are problematic, observe media scholars Emiel Martens and Wouter Oomen. Every year they present the Fly in the Eye Award for the worst campaign on behalf of IDleaks, a Dutch non-profit organization committed to better humanitarian communication. What is going wrong, and how can it be done better?


The work of Nigerian artist Abdulrazaq Awofeso is the main attraction of the exhibition City Life in the Dutch city of Arnhem. Two thousand small faces to tell you that one shouldn’t generalise.


Since December of last year, the Moroccan artist Adam Belarouchia has been a resident at the Thami Mnyele artist studio in Amsterdam – much longer than expected, since all the flights home were cancelled. This is a portrait of a young artist, who gets his inspiration from the streets of Rabat.


Dancer, choreographer and LGBTIQ+ activist Kiravn Fortuin was stabbed to death by a 14 year old girl. Are we calling for sheer vengeance and retribution, Marlene le Roux asks.