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In a subtle by-the-way, Mozambican photographer Mario Macilau taught his packed audience at ZAM at the Amsterdam launch of his book an interesting lesson. Once a streetkid in his country's capital Maputo, Macilau made a living begging and washing cars. “We never wore the pretty clothes that were donated to us. People give less money to well-dressed street kids”, he says.


Meet Luanga Choba's music universe

Blog / By Prisca Abranches

Luanga Choba, a former doctor who decided to pursue her dream and to fully devote herself to her passion: music.


Only 5 days to go and the world will celebrate the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela. Born on this day in 1918 in the Eastern Cape, the former political prisoner is honoured in numerous events and commemorations.


Africadelic in Pictures

Blog / By ZAM reporter

Amsterdam celebrated Africa Day 2016 with an energetic Africadelic night with talks, art and music.


Witty Ceramics

Blog / By ZAM reporter

Four ceramic plates by artist Ruan Hoffmann are part of a special exhibition of South African art in the Netherlands. 


Last weekend A.K.A Afrikaanse Kultuurfees Amsterdam, a festival full of music, literature, film, debate and art in Afrikaans took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.



Last autumn Africalia, the Africa Platform of the Ghent University Association (GAP), Ghent University and 11.11.11 launched the photo monograph Transit — RDC in tribute to the late artist and photographer Kiripi Katembo.