On movement, human rights and Covid-19

Blog / By Pumla Dineo Gqola

Meditating on human rights and the coronavirus in South Africa, Pumla Dineo Gqola posits that the landscape of freedom after apartheid has cemented an old regime of movement.


Notes on Corona in Africa

Blog / By ZAM Reporter

A weekly overview of interesting analysis and findings on the coronavirus in Africa.


Statistics | Corona in Africa

Blog / By ZAM Reporter

Our friends of Nairobi based The Elephant bring the latest factual updates about the Coronavirus in African countries. 


“I am not interested in revolutionary speeches by corrupt and ineffective leaders who have lived, along with their families in stupendous wealth while their countries have remained beggar nations.”


A new documentary shows the city as an assault on all your senses. It's loud, smelly, full of contrast, tasty and hot. And there is street art everywhere.


Angola | The Artwashing of Sindika Dikolo?

Blog / By Africa is a Country, Delinda Colier & Marissa Moorman

Coverage of the #LuandaLeaks revelations have steered clear of the art world dealings of Isabel dos Santos’s husband, and art luminaries have largely defended Dokolo’s reputation.


‘The Law should be Unbound’

Blog / By Ayọ̀ Adénẹ́

If the courts in Nigeria were working, they’d take the case of 47 men accused of homosexuality, scrutinize it, then tear it apart.