Afrovibes 2015 | Soweto Soul & Hemelbesem

Blog / By Fulco van Aurich

For a split second I can see the townships red dust dwirling up. Maxolisi Majozi, aka Zuluboy, starts a rhythmic monologue, mingles his rap voice with tight baselines and energetic drums at the opening night over Afrovibes, the Amsterdam based festival. The fusion between traditional township Mbaqanga music and Dutch rockers starts with slight hesitation.

The concert is at full steam when Zuluboy and Hemelbesem make the South Africans in the audience jump. It’s heavy dancing all over. The heart of Amsterdam turns into the heart of Soweto. Zuluboys says that Patrick Mumumba, Bantu Steven Biko and Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela are his inspiration. I hear the name of Solomon Mahlangu, the young freedom fighter hanged by the Apartheid regime in 1979, in the lyrics.

After his performance, Majozi says he’s outspoken and critical about today's developments in his country. “I’m not afraid to take a stand. No one will silence me.”

Zuluboy will perform in Utrecht at RASA on Sunday October 11 at 3 PM , at Theater a/h Spui in The Hague on Thursday October 15 at 9 PM, and Saturday October 17 at De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague at 8 PM.

Soweto Soul & Hemelbesem: Mxolisi Majozi (Zuluboy), leadzanger, Elvis Sergo (toetsen), Hemelbesem (rap), Joep Pelt (zang, gitaar) en Randell Sambo (drums).