Despite having to flee after the state raided their offices, members of LGBT+ Rights Ghana vow to continue to work for legal recognition in a country pushing for even more repressive laws.


The Great British Whitewash

Blog / By Pieter van der Houwen

An official UK report on racism is ‘consistent with the radical historical amnesia and vicious revisionism of Caribbean and African history by the British far right’.


Reports from the University of Cape Town have revealed that the entire contents of the Jagger Reading Room, along with six other buildings, were destroyed by the fire that swept through Table Mountain last week. 


DR Congo | Murder of an Ambassador: Who Benefits?

Blog / By Eric Mwamba/Grand Journal

On Monday February 22, 2021, the high-profile Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luca Attanasio, was kidnapped on the outskirts of Virunga National Park and assassinated. What happened and who’s behind this heinous crime?


Mozambique | A more complex reality in Cabo Delgado

Blog / By Joseph Hanlon / New Frame

In the Mozambican province wracked by a violent insurgency, the convenient labelling of those rising up against the predatory elite paints a picture that is far from reality.


For more than three decades, ZAM's Investigations Editor Evelyn Groenink researched the murder of Paris ANC representative Dulcie September in 1988. The complex backgrounds of this gruesome act presented in Groenink's book Incorruptible were long ignored. Until now.