The Buzzfeed platform last week published a shocking story exposing widespread human rights violations against suspected poachers in six African and Asian wildlife parks. There is evidence of torture, rape and murder and that these practices were funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).


We need to talk about coffee

Arena / By ZAM Team

We want to talk about coffee. The reason for this is the Coffee Barometer 2018’s shocking conclusion that Fairtrade does not give farmers an extra penny.


From Sharpeville to Gaza

Arena / By Bart Luirink

According to Kallie Kriel ‘Apartheid was not a crime against humanity.’


Blood diamonds not so bad after all

Arena / By Evelyn Groenink

It’s always nice to be proven right, particularly when it is by actual in-depth research by a specialist investigator in the subject, whose credentials are beyond any doubt. It is however not so nice when the confirmation pertains to one's deepest darkest fears.


On Sunday 18 December the UK newspaper The Guardian headlined that the United Nation’s ban on child labour was a ‘damaging mistake.


A peaceful day in Mogadishu

Arena / By Muno Gedi

Deputy president of the Banadir Journalists Union in Somalia and ZAM correspondent, Muno Gedi, tried to attend the historical peace summit in her country.  But there were roadblocks and she was left sitting next to the radio with her hopes, fears and dreams.


An apartheid assassin and many former secret service agents conspired against law enforcement in South Africa together with ‘big tobacco.’