Collaborative Spirit at Tour & Talk

Events / By Cornelia Knoll

ZAM and No Man’s Art Gallery invited to a walk and talk at NMAG Amsterdam on the 26 th of August 2015. Bart Luirink from ZAM gave a warm welcome to all the guests and opened the floor to Emmelie Koster, owner of NMAG. Koster emphasized the long history of printmaking in South Africa as an important form of resistance and protest.


‘Wisdom is not a property of a nation. Everybody has it’ *

ZAM and De Balie have the honour to invite you to the world premiere of Multiverse: Ghana, a film by Juul van der Laan on Wednesday 24 June 2015, 8 PM. A creative exploration of science in Ghana. A journey into ambition, unconventional methodology and determination. Watch the trailer below.

Special guest: Professor Francis K.A. Allotey, a mathematical physicist whose findings have had an extraordinary impact on studies of other galaxies (within space science).

Afterwards, Bahram Sadeghi, will facilitate a talk with the director and the professor about the film and the meaning of science in an African context.*


Many people attended the Amsterdam launch of Zanele Muholi's book Faces and Phases, a last-minute-ZAM Newsroom organised in five days.


Mandela moment

Events / By ZAM Reporter

One year after his passing, the world is commemorating the spirit of Madiba.


ZAM meets South Africa at IDFA

Events / By ZAM Reporter

IDFA | Meet the makers, watch sneak previews and find out about exciting co-productions.

Center Stage – The Success of South African Documentary
Friday, November 21, 2014, 14:00-16:00 | Dutch Cultural Media Fund (Herengracht 609, Amsterdam)


Afrovibes 2014

Events / By ZAM

08 | 10 | 14 – 08 | 11 | 14. The best of southern African theatre and dance at the 11th edition of Afrovibes in the Netherlands and UK.


Talking Afrikaans

Events / By ZAM

Adriaan van Dis interviewed Kirby van der Merwe at the annual Drongo Festival.


Eric Mwamba

Events / By Bart Luirink

The third ZAM Newsroom popped up at Amsterdam’s annual Afrovibes Festival on 15 November 2013, with Eric Mwamba as its guest. The Congolese investigative journalist has won international acclaim for his reports on the Ivorian cocoa mafia; the international trade in young African football players and, most recently, his deep-digging exposure of the system of corruption that reigns in the DRC. Mwamba's work has been published in the DRC, Belgium, Germany, South Africa and the United States. He visited the Netherlands in November to research a subject that was rather unusual for him: the old Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas and his helper 'Black Pete'.

At the Newsroom, ZAM’s Investigative Editor Evelyn Groenink interviewed Mwamba about his latest assignment. ZAM Chronicle later published his report.


Admire Kamudzengerere

Events / By Bart Luirink

Surreal paintings, race, migration and Nelson Mandela’s spirit came together at the ZAM Newsroom on 6 October 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event, held in partnership with Gallery 23, featured Zimbabwean artist Admire Kamudzengerere and his work in which race, cultural psychology, migration and gateways between the industrialized and developing world are major themes.


Zanele Muholi & Mario Macilau

Events / By Zanele Muholi

The first ZAM Newsroom, held on 5 September 2013, featured visual activist Zanele Muholi, who has won multiple awards for her intimate portraits of the black lesbian and gay community in South Africa. Another celebrity presenting his work was Mozambican photographer Mario Macilau. The event was attended by a number of Amsterdam-based photographers and authors — notably renowned Dutch novelist and former chair of the Dutch anti-apartheid movement Conny Braam — as well as art workers and activists.